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Diva Dance Recital 

"Out of this World 2022"

June 6th, BPAC 6:45 pm


1. “Tutu Cute” Mommy & Me  

2.  “Wildside” Starlite   

3. “Lost Boy” Starbrite 

4. “Hall of Fame”  - Annabelle Whalen

5. “Under Pressure”   -  Athena Klos

6. “Neverland” Dream Company 

7. “Lead the Way” Starlite  

8. “Kings and Queens”  - Brooklynn Peters 

9.  "Praying - Diva Achieve 

10. “Funhouse”  -  Estelynn Padilla

11. “Bring the Heat” Cheer Team 

12.  “Vertigo” Diva Elite 

13. “So Am I” - Ashlyn Mortimer

14. “Shotgun”  - Taylor Jones

15. “Runaway” -  Natori Fullmer

16. “Bop” Dream Company 

17. “Train Wreck” Diva Elite  

18. ‘Speechless” Starburst 

19. “Sound of Silence” Lady Ignite Team 

20 ‘Crazy’ Believe Company 

21. “Adore” -   Shantel Schild

22. “You’ll Be in my Heart” Dream Ballet Co.  

23. “Madness”  -   Chloe Lilya

24. “Never Grow Up” Dream Ballet Company 

25. “The Very Thought of You”  - Athena Klos

26. “No Excuses” Starbrite 

27. “Warrior” Starburst  

28. “Barracuda” Lady Ignite Team 

29. “Jump Around” Believe Company 

30. “Colors of the Wind”  -   Paizlei Olsen

31. “Never Tear Us Apart” Achieve Company 

32. “Dancing in the Dark” - Landy Jorgensen

33. “Afro Circus” Starlite  

34. “Call Me Cruella” -  Sawyer Callister

35. “Attention” Believe Company  

36. “Move It” Achieve Company 

37. “Holding out for a Hero” Beg. Gymnastic & Cheer 

38.  “Electricity” Int./Adv. Gymnastics 

39. Space Jam – Finale Entire Team

Aerial Silk Recital was on June 3rd. 

Congratulations to Athena Klos and Kylie Field who made it on our Diva Hall of Fame!  We are going to really miss these two dancers that will be graduating this year.  They are so talented and are perfect role models to our students. We wish them success in life!


Special thanks - to all our Instructors and Staff.  You are all amazing and so appreciated.  I could not do this without your help. We appreciate your dedication in helping our students excel.  You are truly the BEST!


We appreciate our supportive Diva parents.  We truly have the best parents on  our team.  We are very proud of the fact that we have so many parents that go out of their way to ensure our students have the ability to perform at their best.  We truly appreciate your support. 


We love our Diva Dance Family and appreciate the hard work and dedication of our students.  We are so proud of all of you and are amazed at the growth we have seen in all of you.  We are so impressed with all of you!  You are "Out of this World".   Keep up the great work. 


#@Diva Dance - We Encourage, Uplift and Support Each Other Always!


Dance Season Highlights –

Western States – “Bop” won Overall Championship Award.  Judges first choice chose “Never Tear Us Apart” and “Barracuda”.  All soloists placed in the top four places. 

Mountain West Dance and Cheer Championships – Diva Cheer won Superior and 1st place.  All soloists won Superior and we won 3 Superiors with our Team dances.  We won Judges Choice for “Move It”. 

Idaho State Championships – Dream Company won Overall Team Champions with “Neverland” and also won the top two highest scores of the day in Advanced.  Dream won Overall Champions in the Ballet Division with “You’ll Be In My Heart”.  Dream and Believe Company won the Overall Studio Champions in Advanced.  All team dances won 1st place with two of them receiving High Gold.

Gotta Move – Achieve scored 94 and 94.67 with their dances and won Overall Costume.

Dance Classique - Won Advanced High Point Overall in the Teen Division for “Never Tear Us Apart”, and Advanced High Point Overall in the Adult Division for “Barracuda”.  They won Best in Execution for “Bop” and “Attention”.  

Nationals – National Team Grand Champions for “Move It”.  The entire Show Team won Overall National Studio Grand Champions for the most wins in Advanced.  We received 10 first places with two Judges Choice Nominations.  All 9 soloists scored over 95.  Mya Selga made it on the All American Team and Shantel Schild made it on the Junior All American Team.  Wendy Schild received Director of the Year award.

Best of Bingham Readers Choice Award for Best Dance/Cheer.


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