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Diva Dance Presents - "Dance The Night" 2024

Diva Dance Recital 2024 June 1st 6:30 pm Blackfoot Performing Arts Center

Star Teams (Mommy & Me, Starlite, Starbrite, Starburst & Star Cheer)

Diva Dance Company (Junior, Senior, Varsity and Diva Elite) 

Diva Cheer Co. (Jr. Cheer Company and Diva Cheer Company

Lady Ignite Team and Gymnastics


 June 1st ~ BPAC 6:30 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

1.  “Choose Your Fighter ” Landy Jorgensen                            

2.  “Dancing Queen “ Reyna Lara & Lyliee Hernandez                                                                                 

3.  “Golden Hour ” Skylee Ethington                                        

4.  “Come on Out ” Tinsley Callister                                                                                              

5.  “Zombies ” Lexi Anderson                                                      

6.  “Cheetah Love ” Molly Purcell & Paizlei Olsen                                                                                  

7.  “Real Wild Child” Brynli Hitesman                                        

8.  “Finally Me” Adalie McClellan                                                                                                 

9.  “The Fear of Letting Go” Shantel Schild                             

10.  “I Wish You Roses” Reyna Lara                                                                                               

11.  “Wednesday ” Sawyer Callister                                          

12.  “Attention ” Lyliee Hernandez                                                                                               

13.  “Rich Girl” Mya Selga                                                             

14.  “Daylight” Taylor Jones                                                                                                         

15.  “When I Get There” Estelynn Padilla                                                                                                                  

7:00 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

16.  Total Control” Diva Cheer Company                               

17.  “I'm Still Here If You Want Me” Natori Fullmer                                                                   

18.  “Dancing in the Sky” Lilyan Hansen                                 

19.  “Amen” Chloe Lilya                                                                                                                 

20 “We R Who We R” Star Cheer                                                 

21. “Ice Cream Crazy/Tendu Shark” Mommy & Me                                                                  

22.  “Electricity” Gymnastics 4:00 class                                   

23.  “The Greatest Show” Gymnastics 5:00 class                                                                        

24.  “Gift of a Friend/Rappin' Kid” Starlite (pink & yellow)

25.  “Gift of a Friend/Rappin' Kid” Starlite (pink & blue)                                                           

26.  “Pretty Girls” Varsity, Varsity Elite, Diva Elite               

27.  “Attention ” Junior Cheer Company                                                                                     

28.   “Wake Me Up” Lady Ignite Team                                       

29.  “Fired Up” Starbrite                                                                                                               

30.  “Sassy” Starburst                                                                   

31.  “Already Gone” Varsity, Varsity Elite, Diva Elite                                                                

32.  “You Can Be Anything” Junior                                             

33.  “Irreplaceable”  Senior, Senior Elite                                                                       

34.  “This Wish”  Junior Elite                                                       

35.  “Welcome to Wonderland”  Starbrite                        

36.  “Lighthouse”  Diva Elite                                                       

37.   “Old School” Lady Ignite Team                                                                             

38.   “We On Top” Senior, Senior Elite                                       

39.  “Meet Me on the Battlefield”  Starburst                                                                                     

40.   “Friend Like Me” Junior, Junior Elite                                 

41.  “Survivor” Varsity, Varsity E., Diva Elite                                                                                                    

42.  “Dance The Night”  EVERYONE    


Celebrating 36 Years!

Special thanks to: our students, parents and families for all of your support.  We love having all of you as a part of our Diva Dance Family.  


We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our students.  We love to watch you excel and reach your goals.  We have seen so much progress in each one of you and love having you on our team.  You are all amazing and we think the world of all of you.  Keep Shining and Reach Your Potential!


We appreciate all that our Diva parents do for their children.   We appreciate your sharing your children with us and giving them the gift of dance, cheer or gymnastics, which will also give them so many life skills that will be so beneficial in their life. Thanks for all of your support! 

Special thanks to Tawna Sharp, Erica Callister, Shannon Ethington, Tabitha Ferry, Emilie Loveland and Shannon Jorgensen. These Show Team Group Moms have done so much for their groups.  You are all amazing and so appreciated.                                                                                                       


Special thanks - to all our Assistants and Instructors. You are truly the Best! Our Students are so lucky to have you helping in our program.  I  appreciate your dedication in helping our students to excel with sharing your knowledge and talents.  I could not do this without you.                 Assistants - Cami Stiborek, Xiomara Palacios, Lilyan Hansen, Makaylynn Anderson and Kelly Atriano.                                             

Instructors - Kelsey McClellan and Shanae Hitesman.   


Special thanks to the BPAC for the use of your beautiful facility and all that you do to help put on our Recital! 

Congratulations to our 5-year awards – Abbie Johnson, Alivia Ojeda, Emma Sharp, Hayden Johnson, Kathryn Christiansen, Persayus Castillo, Remington Goodwin, Reyna Lara, Sawyer Callister, Saylor Thomas and Mia Johnson.  Congratulations to our 10-year awards - Hailey Tucker, Natori Fullmer, Skylee Metz and Taylor Jones and Isabelle VonDerLieth.  We wish our Senior Callie Shortman the Best of Luck and will miss her being on our Show Team! 


Driven Inspiring Vibrant & Always Giving 100%

#@Diva Dance - We Encourage, Uplift and Support Each Other Always!


Congratulations to our 5-year awards – Abbie Johnson, Alivia Ojeda, Emma Sharp, Hayden Johnson, Kathryn Christiansen, Persayus Castillo, Remington Goodwin, Reyna Lara, Sawyer Callister and Saylor Thomas. 

Congratulations to our 10-year awards - Hailey Tucker, Natori Fullmer, Skylee Metz, Taylor Jones and Estelynn Padilla

Congratulations to Callie Shortman that made it on our Diva Hall of Fame.   We will really miss this dancer that graduated this year and wish her the Best of Luck in all that she does. 

Recital DVD’s are $30.  We will give everyone a link to a digital copy.  These are great quality edited DVD’s by Nancy Powell.

Dance Season Highlights –

Western States – Overall High Point - "Old School"*Overall Large Champions -"Rappin' Kid" * Overall Cheer  -"Attention"* Overall Medium Team Champions -"Friend Like Me" * Judges Choice -"Total Control" *1st place High Point Champions -"Gift of a Friend", " Lighthouse" and "Pretty Girls".


Idaho State Championships – Overall Advanced Studio Grand Champions * Overall Cheer -"Attention" *All 1st places for Dance & Cheer Company *High Gold  for "Attention Cheer", "You Can Be Anything", "Irreplaceable", "Already Gone", and "Friend Like Me". 


Aspire Dance Pro - Diamond Rating for "Attention Cheer" *Ruby Rating for "Friend Like Me" "This Wish"  and Total Control *  Saphire for "We On Top" and "Irreplaceable".


Gotta Move - 93.83 Score for "Already Gone and 93.5 for "Pretty Girls".                                                                                                            


Dance Classique - Best in Execution "Survivor" * Best in Technique "You Can Be Anything" * Overall Advanced High Point Teen "Already Gone" * Overall Advanced Senior High Point "Lighthouse" * Judges Choice for "Lighthouse", "Attention","Tendu Shark", and "OldSchool" * All Superior Plus Ratings for Diva Dance and Cheer Company * Best in Execution "Old School" * Overall Advance Adult High Point with "Old School"  


Nationals – Overall MVP National Cheer Champions with "Attention" * Overall National Studio Grand Champions in Advanced *All 1st places for Show Team Dance and Cheer.  


Our Soloists and Duets also did Great at every competition and received many Queen, High Gold and 1st place titles. 


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