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Ballet & Pointe'

Ballet classes will teach proper ballet technique.  Older classes will have the option be be on Pointe'.  Ballet classes help dancer to progress in all dance forms.  Proper technique can take you to higher levels such as college or professional careers. 

Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Contemporary

Classes will do a warm up and work on technique, across the floor, turns, leaps and also flexibility. .  You will also learn a dance with challenging moves for your age and ability.  We will do a variety of these forms of dance with our Show Team and Combination Classes. 


Gymnastics classes include floor, beam, bars and trampoline.  We will help you to gain flexibility, strength and teach proper technique to perform moves correctly. 

Combination Classes

Combination classes introduce students to Jazz Hip Hop, Lyrical Ballet and Gymnastics.  Competitions are optional for these classes.  Everyone can participate in our Recital. 


Cheer Class will stretch and work on flexibility along with doing gymnastics and stunting.  Cheer group will be able to do competitions and perform in the Recital. 

Show Team - We have a Dance and Cheer Show Team.  Auditions are usually in May.  Competitions and performances are required for those on these team.  Dance Show Team gets a weekly Technique class that really helps our dancers to excel.  Those in Cheer Company get an hour long Gymnastics class that help them to excel. 

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